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Our classes

Find out more about each of our classes by reading through the class descriptions. With the variety and flexibility of our classes, you’re sure to find a level and time that fits your schedule.


Each fundamental class begins with a 10 minute conditioning session comprised of movement drills and calisthenics. A short sparring session is offered at the end of class and is completely optional based on comfort level.

Module 1

An introduction to the fundamental techniques and movements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Applications to both self-defence and competition are addressed.

Module 2

An intermediate class which builds on the basics. This class is recommended for students who have a strong understanding of the foundations and techniques practiced in Module 1.

Module 2 classes are for White Belts with 2 stripes or higher.



Advanced class begins with drilling, a detailed breakdown of advanced techniques and then extensive sparring rounds to apply what you have learned. Our coaches have been exposed to the latest competitive jiu-jitsu techniques and they break them down and explore them in this class.

Advanced classes are for Blue Belt or higher students unless noted.


No Gi Grappling

This class focuses on Jiu-Jitsu without the gi (the uniform used in all of the other BJJ classes). Each no gi class consists of a short warm up, followed by instruction and then a focus on sparring. No gi grappling has less emphasis on grips and more on movement. For practitioners who focus on gi a no gi class will force you to think differently and will open up your gi game. No Gi classes are for White Belts with 2 stripes or higher.



This class is lead by Nicholas Ugoalah. Nick is a 5 time National wrestling champion, 3 time University National champion and a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. He is an elite-level coach with a wealth of knowledge. Wrestling classes are for White Belts with 2 stripes or higher and follow the no gi uniform policy.


Open Mat

We put the round timer on and spar. Saturday’s open mat is open to all clubs and affiliations however an Alliance Gi is required. Non-Alliance Vancouver BJJ members must pay a $50 drop-in fee (includes gi rental).


Kids & Youth

Parents, please contact us for information about our Kids and Youth martial arts programs. * – Children who are 7 years old may attend the Youth classes if they meet certain requirements.


Private Lessons

Take your training to the next level with one-on-one personal instruction. Days and times are flexible. Please contact us to arrange a class.